Who we are

Hello.. welcome to Levata Coffee. Glad to see you here.
I’m Jeeth George, Managing Director of Levata Coffee.. I am from Kerala, one of the major coffee producers in Asia. I am very excited to bring my passion and love for coffee to New Zealand and contribute to the coffee culture here through Levata Coffee. We believe in sustainability and committed to work closely with the coffee lovers to meet their requirements. As a team we are very enthusiastic to provide the best quality coffee consistently to cafes, workplaces and homes. Each variety of beans and blends created with them are carefully tested based on the cupping standards of SCA (Specialty Coffee Association).

Payal joined Levata coffee with her years of experience as a barista and her love for coffee. She knows the heart of people and is prepared to move the worlds to give them the best coffee experience. Payal is currently managing the customer relations and marketing, working hard to bring our beautiful blends to the customers.

I believe, our passion and enthusiasm to bring out the best of coffee helps us to deliver an amazing flavor to your daily mornings in a cup of Coffee…